Here Am I, Send Me

By now, you have learned biblical truths that most young people never have the opportunity to learn until they are older.

Our sponsor, Zion Bible College, has a passion to nurture the call of God in people. They want to give you the advantage of entering Bible college with the tools necessary to pursue your calling.

After listening to these podcasts, you have an understanding of these important concepts:

  1. The call of God
  2. Why is the call of God important?
  3. How to discern and confirm the call
  4. What is ministry all about?
  5. Importance of preparing for the call
  6. Practical preparation
  7. How to select a Bible college
  8. Anticipating hurdles

The only thing left for you to do is answer that call. Isaiah found himself in a similar situation when God asked him, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?”

Is God asking you to embrace the call? If so, then follow the call of God by surrendering your will, your life, and your future to His purposes.

Like Isaiah, it all begins by saying yes to God (Isaiah 6:8). Remember, your “yes” is not a momentary response, but a commitment to a lifetime of service. Explore the Call wants to thank you for listening to our podcasts. As always, keep growing, surrendering, and exploring the call.

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